Land Design, Inc. offers diverse project experience throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  Our strong reputation for creative problem solving, innovative design and quality work has allowed us to participate in some fantastic projects with excellent clients.  The links below include some of our recently completed projects.  Please check back often as we continually update these pages with new work.


Custom Residential

Custom Residential

Tailored to your needs & lifestyle

Land Design, Inc. handles a wide variety of projects in both size and scope, including new home construction, custom homes, and renovations. One of our greatest assets is our collaborative team of landscape architects,designers, and construction experts.  By working together from design to construction we are able to give homeowners a truly beautiful landscape that is built to the highest standards.  


Parks, Plazas, & Open Spaces

place making

When it comes to public spaces, we realize that the combination of people and experiences make the place.  With that philosophy guiding our designs, we also take into account the political factors that each project presents and take a strong approach to enhancing and/or creating memorable, educational, and inspirational encounters.  Land Design, Inc. has extensive experience in the public realm, with work ranging from trail planning to healing garden design.  

Olsen Ortho-Business Environment

Business Environments

Work hard, play hard

With the work hard-play hard lifestyle that we embody at Land Design, Inc., we approach planning and design of business environments with one thing on our minds....making the "feel" of the site as enjoyable as possible.  The importance of creating a stimulating and calming workplace is a major factor in shaping the culture of a business or commercial campus.  Site amenities and unique experiences are as vital to the success of a business environment as vehicular circulation and accessibility.  We take great pride in creating unique business environments that incorporate all of the functional requirements with the desired components, transforming the perception of work.

Resorts & Guest Ranches

nature by design

Land Design, Inc.'s design philosophy is predicated on meshing the built environment with the natural environment as sensitively as we can.  A natural setting is beautiful because it is contextually as it should be.  We strive to enhance the natural environment so the experience is priceless.  Our diverse project experience and success  throughout the Rocky Mountain region has allowed us to really focus on the "Nature By Design" principle that makes us unique and develop our expertise in Mountain Landscaping.  


Community Planning

Designing for the future

Shaping a common vision is one of the things we do best.  As smart growth and sustainable design principles continually evolve and costs continue to rise, we emphasize continuity, responsible design, and standardization in our planning exercises.  Implementation of the plan is the ultimate goal and we work with clients, architects, engineers, and developers alike to achieve a common vision that is creative yet realistic.  We also like to point out that a large majority of our projects are implemented, something that we are very proud of. 

Visioning & Identity

set yourself apart

The visual impact and experiences that landscapes can provide are often the measure of success for every environment.  We at Land Design, Inc. work with our clients in a collaborative environment to plan for people and to target what experiences those people should have.  As visioning is an extremely important process in the early stages of design development, it also works hand in hand with matching the needs and exceeding expectations of target markets to create a memorable sense of place and shapes the identity of the place.  Whether it be a world-class sculpture garden or the entry monument of a community, our process focuses on sensory analysis with contextually creative solutions.